Back to School Means Party Time

Major colleges and universities are opening their doors this month for the new school year. Along with that comes drives by different Frat Houses and Sororities to start building their memberships. This means party time to many. In recent years many communities and colleges have tried to slow down and even prevent parties from occurring. They have a tendency to bring in bad press and lawlessness to certain areas. It is a concern shared by all. Many school groups count on parties to help increase membership as well as to do social and community fund raisers. It is when they get out of hand that problems begin. Most of the problems begin with one major factor, alcohol.

When students party, the groups lose control and that is when problems begin. However, it is almost impossible to keep parties alcohol free. There is always going to be someone trying to bring it in. Many times alcohol leads to other problems like the use of drugs and sexual deviations that occur at a party.

So how can a group such as a Frat House or Sorority conduct a party without losing control? Here is a list of helpfull ideas.

Establish a reason. Have a clear reason why your group is hosting a party. Is it strictly for membership? Is it to bring awareness for a certain cause? Is it to raise money? Let others know why you are having the party.

Set a Budget. Establish a budget for things like food and beverages. Where will the money come from? Will you have a cover charge? Will there be a fund raiser at your party? A successful party has to have a budget or it will fall flat before it ever gets started.

Let the Campus Security know. By doing this, it shows that you aren’t hiding anything. It also lets your visitors know that you are concerned for their safety. It also tells them that they might be paid a visit during the party. This will help to keep drug activity to a minimum. It will also help keep unwanted guests from attending. Invite the Security to check on your party. This way if you have a problem, you know help may arrive.

Let your neighbors know. People appreciate it when they know there might be a lot of noise in the area. Some may decide to go out for the evening to avoid noise. It also shows that your group is considerate of your neighbors nearby. It gives your neighbors a chance to prepare. They might pick up valuable items that have been left in their yard. They may park their cars in the garage. Remember it is one thing to control what goes on at the party, it is all together different to control things that happen on the outside.

Have Food. Food is important because when people drink, the food helps to absorb the drinks. This slows the inebriation process down. Full bellies also slows down activity. Besides, it makes your party more successful.

Have a Door Manager. Even if you have to pay someone to do this, it is worth it. Have them check IDs. Keep out unwanted or uninvited guests. Get the biggest, meanest guy you can find for this job. This person does not drink. They are there for door maintenance all night.

Set a Time Limit. Don’t let the party drag over. Set a time for it to end and be specific about it. Once you set a time, don’t go changing it. Your neighbors will appreciate your efforts more.

Set a Drink Limit. If you serve alcohol, you are taking on a big responsibility. Know when to send someone home with a designated driver. Collect all car keys as your guests enter. Have a responsible person in charge of them. If you have to call a cab for a person or group, do it. Some places set a two drink limit for each person. If you have minors, card them. be honest and tell them, you are too young to drink.

Keep other rooms secure. You don’t want people hiding on you. When they hide, bad things tend to happen. A party is not a private affair. It is a group happening.

Clean up. You don’t want to give the impression that your place is an “Animal House.” As soon as you can, clean up the place. Don’t put it off. The longer you do, the less help you have to work.

Parties are great to have . The problem isn’t with having a party. It is dealing with control over it. Controlling your party, means less headaches for you, your friends, and your neighbors.